Who We Are

Welcome to SASTA. We are glad you are joining us to help deliver the New Zealand Government vision of a Safe Transport System. Our aim is to promote national best practice in community activities that seek to improve safety and sustainability on our transport network.

Who is SASTA?

SASTA is an independent incorporated society managed by professionals working in, or contracted by, local government in Aotearoa New Zealand. SASTA originated in 2007 out of the longstanding Road Safety Coordinators' Association. We are currently funded through annual membership subscriptions.

What do we do?

SASTA is managed by a volunteer Executive representing all local government regions and provides the following services to members:

  • Representation and advocacy on key national working groups related to road safety and sustainable transport, including the Community Road Safety Fund, Trafinz Executive, NZ Transport Agency Education and Advertising Stakeholder meetings, MSD Accessibility workshops, Road Safety strategy working groups. 
  • Relationship pathways to the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport.
  • Regular national communication and information sharing.
  • Professional development for members.

The future of SASTA

SASTA has formed to meet the growing national demand for a safer and more sustainable transport network in our communities. Our current focus is to make professionals and national organisations aware of SASTA’s role, secure a sound operating base for the association, and provide networking and professional development opportunities for our members.
SASTA provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to have a national voice on safe and sustainable transport issues and to remain informed and connected as we build a better future together for our local communities.

Your membership and support is most welcome

Annual subscriptions for members are currently $150 + GST and for associate members $100 + GST.