SASTA Executive  

Jodie Adams

Jodie Adams works in Road Safety at Far North REAP, which is an Education company.


Matt Sweetingham


Matt works full-time as a Community Transport Coordinator for the Auckland North Shore Schools’ team. He is an ex-teacher, so brings his expertise in education to the job. In his spare time, Matt enjoys barefoot jogging, studying Chinese language and meeting friends for coffee.



Coralie Owens

Coralie has worked in road safety and motorway maintenance for the past 7 years.  She was a Community Transport Coordinator for Auckland Transport, where her work with colleagues on road safety programmes aimed to decrease deaths and serious injuries within the Auckland region.  Her many innovative and educational campaigns and events were created and rolled out to help improve driving behaviours.



Rachel Stubbs

Rachel has held the role of Road Safety Coordinator twice, initially working for both the Waitomo and Ōtorohanga District Councils and presently working for the Ōtorohanga District Council. 
She has been working on speed management over the past few years with a focus on speed limit changes as well as road safety education campaigns. 
Her passion for working in smaller rural District Councils has led to a special interest in tourism and the effect it has on our roads.


Sonia Lynds
Bay of Plenty/East Coast/ Hawkes Bay

Sonia works as a Travel Safe Team Leader at Tauranga City Council.

Mike George


Mike works part-time as a Road Safety Coordinator for Porirua City Council.  Previously he was a Road Policing Sergeant with Kapiti-Mana Police until his retirement.  Here Mike dealt with the same road safety issues where education was key to behaviour change but also used enforcement to reinforce the messaging.  A Particular focus in Mike's region is child restraint safety Plunket have ceased their rental schemes.


Gina Persico


Gina is the Safe and Sustainable Transport Advisor for the Nelson City Council, in the Transport and Solid Waste Team. Gina works with workplaces, schools, community groups and other agencies on Road Safety initiatives and Travel Demand projects. Since completing a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Otago, Gina has worked for various sporting organisations - most recently at a Regional Sports Trust coordinating the local BikeReady based cycle education programme.

Jessica Fairbrass
Canterbury/West Coast/Chatham Islands/Southland/Otago

Jessica has been working as a Road Safety Education Coordinator at the Selwyn District Council since February 2020 and works within the Transportation and Roading Team.  Her focus is on creating awareness and educating the community on a variety of road safety topics, through community collaboration, campaigns and courses.  Prior to working in Road Safety, Jessica had roles in the Physical Activity and Health Promotion sector.


Kathy Graham
Canterbury/West Coast/Chatham Islands/Southland/Otago

Kathy has worked in road safety and travel demand management for the last nine years in both Christchurch City and Waimakariri. Prior to moving to Canterbury she worked as a journalist in the Waikato and served 18 years as a Police Officer in a variety of roles in Auckland. In her current role within the Roading team she works both within the Waimakariri community on road safety and TDM as well as ongoing collaboration with the Transport Agency and other Canterbury Councils under the Greater Christchurch partnership.