Megan Jolly

Megan Jolly is the Road Safety Coordinator for Waipa /Waikato; in her role she has demonstrated commitment, passion, professionalism and innovation to the road safety industry. She has the skills to engage the community in many of her programmes.


Megan has shown her willingness and ability to work with and partner many road safety groups within her area as well as nationally. She is a past member of the national road safety executive (SASTA) and proved to be very capable and highly regarded within the committee. Representing Waikato, BOP and Taranaki. Her reporting back to her region was exceptional and well appreciated.  Megan also_ worked on LTSA national conference planning committee and was a workshop facilitator for the conference. She has represented RSCs on the Waikato technical steering group.
Within her region, Megan has proved to be an active, passionate member to the group and always willing and keen to share and promote her wealth of knowledge. She has coordinated regional motorcycle campaigns. (Taupo, Waipa, Waikato, Matamata, Piako, Thames, Coromandel,Hauraki Districts, NZTA, ACC). Megan has also taken on a personal development/extras curricular study where she studied Te Rec Maori at Waikato University (year 1 and 2). This was completed to enhance her work within the Maori community. She is currently undergoing NZTA cycle training level 1 course.


Megan has the ability to interact and involve the community. She has done so in many road safety projects. Megan has developed many resources that have been used regionally and nationally. E.g. fatigue brochures for truck drivers, playing cards with the fatigue messages, fatigue quiz boards, rural speed advertisements. Some of her innovative activities have been adopted by community groups who still this model. Other projects include:
• Road safety quiz: a fun way to increase knowledge and understanding of the road code. Implemented by Maori health providers and their partners.
• Intersection campaign involving the 'life size' Intersection Wheel of Risk. An excellent way of promoting community discussion and conversation when set up in community areas.
• Fatigue Stops on SH39. The main target was the motorists travelling to the ski fields. Megan involved the local communities by their involvement with the actual stops. This model is now used elsewhere. At the Fatigue stops surveys were taken which showed an increase in awareness of power naps as a strategy for driving tired. 2010 showed 365 of people surveyed mentioned knowledge of power naps which was a significant increase from 2007 12%, 2008 12% and 2009 35%.

In conclusion, Megan has shown outstanding leadership both regionally and nationally. She has demonstrated her ability to share, plan and implement programmes in all aspects of road safety.